Archiv für den Monat: November 2011

Üdvözöljük Budapesten

Now, time for reviewing my trip to Budapest! Also while corresponding with dear Judit and Yvette ahead of the Tribal Fest I already felt warmly welcome!

BUT I have to tell you guys about one thing in particular that made my heart flutter:

Arriving in the city of Budapest on Friday morning I was overwhelmed by our hostel (and speaking of „our“, to my great pleasure my father accompanied me :-)).
We definitely stayed in the most wonderful hostel I ever did so far, and I stayed in LOTS of different places all over the world!
Never seen anything as lovingly set up before as this place. The common room was comfortable, warm and inviting with the utmost love for detail. The perfect oasis of gathering the strange & beautiful. This charm spelled all over the place!  Because my description wouldn’t do justice to it all, I posted a picture that will do for the right impression of lovely „Lavender Circus“ :o)) thank you for making this trip charmingly wonderful…

It really fits the appearance and pizzaz of the city. All full of monuments and great antique buildings and streets, bearing witness of the past sparkle. Now, almost at the edge of disintegrating I guess it bears even more sparkle to me :-) it’s a fascinatingly beautiful city for this very reason that gives it so much strength of character!

As for the Tribal Fest, it was a nice experience. What I noticed in particular was that the social gathering and the community itself was much more central than I was used to of other festivals. Which was a BLAST and made for the festival’s superb spirit! :-) I was happy to see some dancing friends again and meet new ones… of course, seeing my dearest and most admired Sam again made me even happier! She even watched my performance yayyyy! :-))

Finally on Monday, we have earned a day to relax. What is there more perfect than floating around in a over-100-year-old thermal bath that looks like a vintage palace, followed by a massage and ending with a visit of the zoo right next to the bath (which by the way is amazing, because wherever possible they allow you to go inside the animals cage!! 0.o)

All in all, anytime again! :-)

cheers n‘ xoxoooo

Black Forest Rocked!

Hey fellows,

The past weekend I spent in the very idyllic little town of Offenburg. It’s located in Southern Germany in the Black Forest area, an impressively extensive forest. Enjoyed staring out of the window of the train with goggle eyes for two hours xD

Going well with the Black Forest and Halloween weekend, I had classes with Aepril Schaile who actually missed out on this year’s beloved Halloween celebration in her hometown Salem for us…thank you, dear :)
I also took classes with Olivia Kissel and Christine Andrews from Zafira Dance Company. They’re so kind and attentive teachers and natural personalities!

I had the honor of dancing in the evening show on Friday night. To my great delight, my parents accompanied me to Offenburg and watched the show, too! It was the first time for them seeing me dancing on a real show stage. They liked my dancing and the festival so much, which made me so happy and a little proud too… :)
Backstage I met some great ladies again that I already knew from other festivals and it was great fun! they all did so well in the show and are great dancers! Claudia the host and her team were so sweet and cared well for us dancers!

The next day after dance class I treated myself delicious schnitzel with fries and an even more delicious apple strudel :D

The gala show on Saturday night was a BLAST! Sarina and Giuliana Angelini (first and second place of Hannover’s contest this year) impressive not only in their solos but also together in their first performance as a duo!

All in all, a successful festival that I’d love to revisit in 12 months ;-)

xoxo & cheers