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I’m happy to anounce a new series of events at Studio Pittoreska: the Kalāidoscopia! After the successful Yuletide Hafla past December, where we danced and celebrated, it’s time for more…


With the first Kalāidoscopia on Friday, 8 May 2015 at 19h the Studio Pittoreska is open to all course participants, colleagues, friends or family, in short, everyone interested in and passionate about dance is invited!
This evening offers the opportunity to meet outside classes, connect, chat, and dance to our heart’s content, in costume or everyday clothes – as you feel comfortable!

As always, some nibbles and drinks are provided, but you are welcome to bring your wine, beer, a treat or what else your heart desires! Cheers!

***** Why Kalāidoscopia *****

Kalā (sanskrit, “performing arts”) + kaleidoscope = a mosaic of diverse, individual inputs that will enchant us!

The Kalāidoscopia grew out of a personal desire of something that has always been missing in my dance development.

With the Kalāidoscopia I want to give a PLATFORM to all of us to continuously grow in dance. It is here to offer you a safe and supportive space for gaining valuable experience. Everyone who wants to present a piece is warmly welcome to do so: whether it’s your own creation, something you learned in class or anywhere else, improvised or choreographed, very short or more extensive, solo, a duo or in a group, belly dancing or something completely different, the possibilities are endless!

Remember, we are all and will always be learners and we grow most if we jump over our own shadows every now and then, try out, play and do not take us all too seriously! Even if you only have vague ideas, I’m happy to support and encourage you in every way I can!

PRESENTATIONS can be communicated in advance here or via or emerge spontaneously during the Kalāidoscopia… Well then, on a new adventure! :-)


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