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Yuletide Hafla at Studio Pittoreska

12112132_1634886226766482_7164004688467678470_nYuletide [ˈjuːlˌtaɪd] s 1. (LIT) Christmas time 2. (BOT) Camellia species, an Eastern Asian, evergreen tea bush with vibrant blossoms.

Soon it’s time again for our christmas edition of the Kalāidoscopia, the Yuletide Hafla!

Studio Pittoreska cordially invites to a cosy evening with dance, music and rich Apéro — just as deserved! :-)
As usual, bring your Wine, Beer or whatever your heart desires, bring friends and family.

Also Josefine Wandel from Berlin will celebrate with us and present the Indian Fusion choreography together with students from her workshops at Studio Pittoreska. We are excited!
Besides, performances in any kind of dance and movement are very welcome! ♥ let us know ahead or decide spontaneously :-)
Let’s have a nice evening with good enternainment and time to enjoy!