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Drill&Grill 2016 with Amanda Pittoreska and Melli Sarina (DE)


They are back: The Drill&Grill Summer Workshops on the weekends of July 9/10 and August 21/22 2016 – the intensive Fusion Bellydance training during summer!
This year Amanda is supported by the guest teacher Melli Sarina (DE), a special opportunity with a unique dancer!

The Drill&Grill Summer Workshops offer a comprehensive training from head to toe: We drill isolations and dance technique, improve posture and body awareness and challenge our musicality and creativity.
After each Saturday full of dance training we reward ourselves with a fun barbecue in the garden of the Studio!

On 9/10 July we had a super awesome start with the Drill&Grill Summer Workshops – more than 8hrs of dance instruction, summer, sun and fun with good people! On 20/21 August 2016 it continues…

✩ To the programm, all infos, workshop descriptions and registration ✩

✩ To the event on facebook ✩

We are looking forward to drill & grill with you!
♥ Amanda & Melli