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Fusion Flair – Workshop series with Amanda Pittoreska

FusionFlair2017A new project in Zurich starts soon – come and dance through the year with Amanda Pittoreska and her workshop series!

In this ongoing workshop series the basic movements and characteristic body isolations of Fusion Bellydance are broken down in detail and intensively trained. A targeted training with Yoga, Pilates and stretching prepares the body for a healthy dance training and helps to find the needed muscle for a precise and fascinating movement execution. The learned dance techniques are put together into different movement sequences. Those combos allow to experiment with movement quality, musicality and expression. They are also meant as motivating tools for your personal training. In every workshop new themes are introduced and previous material is built up on to continuously deepen and polish our technique.

No dance experience is needed but also more experienced dancers that want to redefine their technique are warmly welcome.

Workshops will be held in German with English translation available.

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