amanda pittoreska

Amanda Pittoreska

about_pittoreskaAmanda dances and trains Fusion Bellydance with passion for over 10 years, accompanied by other forms of movement, such as yoga, pilates and various dances. She is an international performer and instructor and opened Studio Pittoreska in 2014 where she also regularly hosts guest teachers and organizes events.

Through ongoing education and training, she ensures quality and professionalism in the field of movement, promotes health and well-being through profound teaching and help to accomplish individual achievements.

Among various trainings and ongoing educations, Amanda is trained and certified in the following fields:

  • 8 Elements Datura Style™ Certified Teacher
  • Polestar Pilates Trainer Mat
  • Dipl. Spiraldynamik® Fachkraft Level Intermediate

Amanda discovered her passion for Fusion Bellydance in 2007 through classic belly dancing and coming across videos of the innovative, American-born Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. For lack of classes in her surroundings, Amanda trained herself with unbending determination through Youtube videos and workout DVDs. This way she acquired the Tribal Fusion style independently and autodidactic.

The steady development in dance took Amanda across Europe and the US to participate in workshops, projects and dance festivals and to learn from the most prestigious representatives of Tribal & Fusion Belly Dance and related dance styles.

In 2011, Amanda completed the one-year TAKSIM Tribal Certification Course in Bern, a comprehensive and unique dance training in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Ever since, Amanda performs on dance festivals and other events in Switzerland and abroad (calendar >>).

Following the increasing number of requests Amanda began teaching Fusion Belly Dance in 2012. The ability to share her passion for this style of dance and pass on her accumulated knowledge manifested as a whole new motivation and inspiration in her own growth as a dancer.

Since 2013 Amanda travels to the US regularly, the homeland of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, for intensive dance trainings and to perform at some of the most prestigious events of this dance scene. That included, i.a., The Tribal Massive ™ in Las Vegas, the “original” Tribal Fest® in Sebastopol/California, the Theatrical Bellydance Conference in New York, various yoga and dance training with the founders and pioneers of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in the San Francisco Bay Area and the 8 Elements ™, a profound, in-depth and multi-level training program by world-renowned dancer Rachel Brice.

In 2014, Amanda opened the Studio Pittoreska in St. Gallen (Eastern Switzerland), where she teaches weekly classes and workshops, hosts guest teachers and organizes events. With the Studio Pittoreska she has not only given the distinguished and wonderful style of Fusion Bellydance another home, but also a unique space for dance and movement in general.


“Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to,

when all they need is one reason why they can.” – Martha Graham