Classes at Studio Pittoreska



☆ REGULAR WEEKLY CLASSES ☆ (regular classes are held in German, translation available)

Pilates (55 min) as a holistic body training focuses in particular on the deep torso muscles and the optimal muscular interplay. Through this training the body is strengthened, shaped and defined, stability and mobility are promoted as well as the posture corrected and improved.

  • Monday, 12:15-13:10 h – restarts with 4 participants
  • Tuesday, 18:15-19:10 


Fusion Belly Dance fuses the sensual movements of oriental dance with elements various contemporary, classical and folkloristic dance styles into a modern, energetic dance. This Fusion also shows in the selection of music that can cover anything from Dubstep to Trip Hop or Jazz.

The targeted physical workout strengthens the back, shoulder area and pelvic floor in particular, improves posture and body awareness, promotes coordination from head to toe and gives a new self-confidence!

  • Fusion Bellydance Fundamentals (75 min)
    Ongoing introductory and beginner course: a thorough understanding of the basic movements, the muscular movement concept of Fusion Belly Dance and the body posture supports the further training sustainably. In this course we place emphasis on a strong technique base.
    – Wednesday, 18.30 – 19.45 h
  • Fusion Bellydance Training (75 min)
    Continuation course, mixed levels: Technique, choreography, improvisation; in this course we build up on the  basic techniques and combinations, improvisations and choreographies frequently leave room for individual interpretations, expression and stylizations.
    – Monday, 18.15 – 19.30 h
    – Tuesday, 19.30 – 20.45 h
  • Fusion Drill Flow (55 min)
    dance technique & fitness training, mixed Levels: Arm movements, isolationen, steps und drills, drills, drills that heat up the body as well as layerings that tease your brain! This continuous flow training combines dance technique and fitness workout, apart from an efficient dance training it offers a full body training for strength,  stamina and posture.
    – Wednesday, 17.20 – 18.15 h



75 min lessons à CHF 27.- / 25.- (for students)

55 min lessons à CHF 22.- / 18.- (for students)

> Payable quarterly, resp. for the rest of the running quarter after inscription

> Entry the courses anytime

> Amanda Pittoreska is a member of the Berufsverband Gesundheit und Bewegung Schweiz (BGB Schweiz) which makes her classes widely accepted by health insurances

> With inscription for more than one regular weekly course at Studio Pittoreska you get a 10% discount on your total fee!

> A onetime trial lession upon short prior notice in a recular coure of your choice is possible anytime, for free and without any obligation – welcome at Studio Pittoreska!



Studio Pittoreska, Linsebühlstrasse 41, 9000 St. Gallen (in the basement – please ring at Tanzstudio)

More information about the Studio and directions >>>



For questions and registrations you can contact Amanda anytime via e-mail.



☆ PRIVATE LESSONS AND INDIVIDUAL COACHINGS ☆ (available in English and German)

  • Posture and movement training, back training and fitness workout in general with dance and/or Pilates
  • The extra training for all those, that wish for a more frequent or intense training
  • An individual workout to take up individual issues
  • Crash cours to get started with dance and/or Pilates at your very own pace
  • Coaching in choreography, improvisation and performance prep
  • The flexible and sporadic opportunity for busy People
  • Customized day, time and duration arrangement
  • As single lesson or package at a discount
  • 20% discount for Studio Pittoreska students

For individual dance concerns Amanda can be contacted via e-mail at any time.