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Lasting changes and qualitative movement skills require work and patience. In this sense, we regard the journey as the goal and seek to design this process purposeful and fulfilling. Studio Pittoreska offers profound instruction and emphasizes movement quality as well as health-promoting aspects – a solid foundation and growing understanding of movement are key to success.

Our various workshops & events offer additional motivation as well as exchange, variety and inspiration.

Amanda is an active member of the Berufsverband für Gesundheit und Bewegung Schweiz (BGB Schweiz), she is also certified as a course instructor and Studio Pittoreska as a course provider by the quality label Fitness-Guide. Her courses are therefore recognized by the health insurances.


Studio Pittoreska offers weekly dance and movement classes in small groups. You can find information about the contact and directions of Studio Pittoreska here.

The courses are billed quarterly. A quarter consists of ~10 lessons. It is possible to start a course at any time if there is space available. Missed lessons can be made up for in all classes at Studio Pittoreska as long as you have a quarterly subscription.

Quarterly subscription 75 | 1x 75min/week

CHF 22.- for students

CHF 27.-/Lesson

Quarterly subscription 55 | 1x 55min/week

CHF 18.- for students

CHF 22.-/Lesson

Quarterly subscription Unlimited | Alls classes unlimited

You save from regularly attending 2 lessons/week

CHF 390.-

Trial lesson

Onetime and completely non-binding in a class of your choice


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This handling has proven itself in terms of reliability and consistency and is reasonable for both your training and our course administration – in line with our philosophy.

Individual lessons at the price of CHF 30 (75min) / CHF 25 (55min) can be arranged in exceptional cases.

The classes with Amanda Pittoreska are approved by health insurances. 

The GTC of Pittoreska Dance & Movement apply.



Personal training, Coaching as well as posture and movement training according to the principles of Spiraldynamik®: an anatomically founded movement and therapy concept, an instruction manual for your own body from head to toe. It uses the spiral or 3D-Anatomy as a common thread in the human movement system.

Possible goals for your individual coaching:

☆ Understand pain in everyday life and learn to optimize movement

☆ Aesthetic posture improvement and pursue of individual body goals

☆ Re-entry into movement training after injury & rehabilitation training

☆ Identify individual goals to structure and channel your efforts

☆ Crash course to getting started with dance or pilates at your own pace

☆ Personal position determination and technique refinement

☆ Coaching in choreography, improvisation und performance preparation

☆ A flexible and infrequent but efficient workout option for busy people

60 Minutes

Individual dance and/or movement instruction one-to-one

CHF 100.-

Bring a friend

Individual dance and/or movement instruction, every additional person (only after consultation)

+ CHF 50.-

Discount for series

Discount on the total for the arrangement of six appointments at once within three months


Discount for students

Discount for existing students of Studio Pittoreska (non-cumulative)


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For individual training requests Amanda is available via email - please describe your concerns, desires, discomforts and/or questions and Amanda will contact you regarding the possibilities.